Simply speaking

Simply speaking

Simply speaking



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Words give you the power to communicate. With Speak Your Mind you learn new words every lesson – systematically


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With Speak Your Mind grammar becomes an aid to communication not an obstacle


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Speaking? You couldn’t get much more English into one lesson than with Speak Your Mind

About Us

At Speak Your Mind we have 25 years of innovation, commitment and strong results behind us. 25 years committed to developing and refining a unique English teaching programme that stands apart for its style and effectiveness


Benefit from a solid, proven track record, the experience of highly motivated network with strong international alliance.

Schools around the world

The teaching that crosses boundaries. 19 schools in 8 countries

“I understood right from the first week that this was right for me. I like the method: I liked it when I was a beginner and I enjoy learning with it now that I’ve reached an advanced level.”
(Daniela P – school teacher)

News / Events

Job Opportunities for 2 teachers in Levice - Slovakia

We have 2 teaching position available for our SpeakYourMind school in Levice - Slovakia. Apply now! ...

Opportunities for teachers in San Sebastian - Spain

We have one teaching position available for our SpeakYourMind school in Northern Spain ...

Opportunities for teachers in Milan

We have teaching positions available for our school in central Milan. ...

Opportunities for teachers in Mallorca

Speak Your Mind school in Mallorca is looking for teachers. ...

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for 2017! ...

Opportunities for teachers in Italy – Milan

Speak Your Mind school in Milan is expanding and there are opportunities for teachers ...

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