21 years committed to developing and refining a unique methodology and original materials to create a programme for learners that unites substance in results with a lightness in process.

When teacher and trainer Iain McInally, together with co-founder Monica Moro started work on what is now Speak Your Mind, it wasn’t just to be different for difference’s sake.

“Too many people were tired of traditional methods or disappointed by language courses but failed to deliver convincing results. Many people were looking for something new – something that would work for them.” Interest in the results achieved in the first school in Italy began to spread, sparking the creation of a small but expanding network of independent associate schools. From the pioneers in Spain and Japan in the mid-90’s, Speak Your Mind has been used in nine countries, proving its appeal to students of diverse backgrounds and confirming its successful formula for schools at international level.

Over this time we have worked towards creating a whole new vision of a school – a place that really is ‘simply different’.
An environment where comprehensive and integrated procedures and best practices really aid the classroom teaching to assure high standards and positive outcomes for the people who come to learn.

“When the challenge is great the rewards can be great too, and what has motivated me and the many talented colleagues who have worked with us over the years is the sense of reward gained from successful outcomes for the people we teach.
At the same time, we run a business – we have grown it from zero and we have always been directly involved with the day-to-day realities of running a busy school. We know it’s hard work and involves dealing with many different kinds of situations, and over this time we have developed the procedures, systems and best practices that can enable smooth running at every level of operations, hour-to-hour, week-to-week.
The rewards come from a job done well, and in such a crowded and confusing market, recognition for doing a good job well is a strong and lasting value that will bring sustainable success. We know Speak Your Mind can achieve this and we are committed to keep investing in maintaining a lead with updated materials and a wide range of teaching products.”
Iain McInally