“We have been very impressed by the way they cover virtually everything that a school needs to operate efficiently from A to Z. Speak Your Mind set very high standards and they give you all the tools to work to them.”

(M. Kagarmanova – school owner, Russia)

The Ethical English Franchise

  • Benefit from a solid, proven track record and the collective knowledge and experience of highly motivated network with strong international alliance.

We have a method – a unique method that lies behind the success of schools in competitive markets across borders. But we know that providing consistently high standards to students extends beyond the method and the classroom. We have developed and refined a comprehensive ‘infrastructure’ of procedures and programs, all designed for schools to assure their students get on track and stay on track towards successful outcomes.

The appeal and effectiveness of Speak Your Mind is proven over years of organic growth as a network of independent schools. However, with the strength of experience and consolidated success it is not our intention to keep Speak Your Mind a well-guarded secret. English is a global business and in such a crowded market we know that sustainable success is only achievable through commitment to high professional and ethical standards – the values which have always driven Speak Your Mind forward. The potential is huge and we want to work and grow with people who share this commitment and belief in the concept and benefits of Speak Your Mind.

Whether you are an established operation looking to stand out from the competition or an ambitious  start-up and you see the potential of Speak Your Mind in your area, talk to us to see how we can provide a plan that meets your needs.

Outline of Content

  • Exclusive access to Speak Your Mind: highly-developed teaching material, a first class and refined ELT product.

  • A protected territory – exclusivity – other schools in your area won’t build on your success.

  • A dedicated Speak Your Mind website developed for your school.

  • Comprehensive training at all levels pre-start, post-start and on-going.

  • Complete set of administrative forms and lesson registers – everything a school needs, ready from day 1 onwards.

  • In-depth, practical Guides for teaching, testing, course-management and teacher-training.

  • Exclusive use of the registered name and logo.

  • Inclusion on the SYM international and national websites.

  • Consistent high quality research and development of new service offerings.

  • Continuous access to advice and guidance on teaching issues.

  • Graphic materials, templates and designs for advertising.

  • Provision of regular direct support post-launch of the business, to ensure the business is operating smoothly.

We’ve built our success on the Speak Your Mind General English programme – that is our core business and we are confident it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Over the years we have thought very carefully about how best to the meet the demand for English for kids and English for the workplace. We wanted to create something original that kept to the spirit and quality of Speak Your Mind. After lengthy work, research and trials we are happy to add SyM Professional and i-Speak my-Speak to our range of teaching products.

Proud to stand out

Speak Your Mind appeals and succeeds because it is different – it offers a real alternative in a very full marketplace.

SyM Professional and i-Speak my-Speak are alternatives too, and we are certain that there are plenty of people out there who are looking for something that is very clearly not just ‘more of the same’.  Having something new to offer the public puts schools in a strong position and raises their status and identity – this is even stronger when SyM Professional and i-Speak my-Speak are backed up by the reputation that your school has achieved with Speak Your Mind.

Getting started

Getting started is straightforward. You find out all you want about Speak Your Mind: we are happy to answer all the questions you may have. Visits to our headquarters here in Italy are always welcome and are normally an important prelude to establishing the consensus that will form the foundation of a strong working relationship.
You will present us with your business plan and if everything is in place on both sides, we agree to sign a licensing agreement.
If you have your plan, the premises and your team, once you make your choice you can be up and running within a couple of months.

  • We sign the agreement and you pay for the Start-Up Package.

  • You complete your initial training programmes and receive all Start-Up materials.

  • You pay an annual fee which grants your school exclusive use of Speak Your Mind and includes all on-going support and services.

  • All enrolled students purchase Speak Your Mind Student Book + CD sets from you. As sole distributors, we supply you directly at a discount on the RRP.

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